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Project: "Bible and Healing"

How to understand biblical stories of healing?
How to make their healing potential accessible?
What does „healing“ mean in different contexts?

Those and other questions are considered in this project, the research being based on intercultural exchange. 

Modules allow thematic impartation  (for seminars, continuing education, community-exchanges...) 

Stages of the project: summary (in process)

Plan Modules  (available in french at the moment)

participative Bible lecture/ 
intercultural Bible study

How to read biblical texts together, the participants coming from different cultural backgrounds? 

How to get in a creative dialogue about the text, perceptions and traditions of belief being different? 

What are helpful methods of interpretation in the process?
What has to be considered by the involved group?

The project offers a platform for exchanging
Methods, reports on one's experiences are discussed, made available, expanded... 

Project "Text-Consulting"

Text-Consulting means: Consulting through biblical texts.

The inspiration has been drawn from the Divining Method of Interpretation, an African hermeneutical approach (by Musa W. Dube). This method is developed further for biblical counseling in an European context. (For more about go to: Text-Consulting). 

In addition to the consultancy sector research work is done into :
analytical-hermeneutical methods of "Divining", 
possible applications for biblical text studies, 
other methods appropriate for "Text-Consulting".

Exchange of book titles, articleslinks 

about topics like:

intercultural Bible study,
biblical texts and healing, 
the meaning of "healing" in different cultural, social, religious contexts...,
creative interplay between "Ordinary Readers" and "Biblical Scholars" in text interpretation,
feminist-postcolonial hermeneutics,
ecological hermeneutics,
literature about "Divining" (as a methodical-analytical tool),


The project offers a platform for exchanging. 
Suggestions, hints, informations... are welcome!

About the project work in general: 

Academic approaches are put in relation to other approaches and ways of interpretation (life experience, intuition, play, artistic approaches, culture-specific sources of knowledge...).

As to intercultural matters mainly North-Atlantic and African (sub-Saharan Africa; Madagascar) approaches are involved.