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„The intercultural Bible – institute in migration“  is involved in Christian intercultural dialogue and explores questions like:

What kinds of hermeneutical approaches allow us to understand the biblical texts with regard to „healing“, to „healing processes“?

What does „healing“ mean in different contexts? What does it signify from an intercultural biblical perspective – also in regard to „unhealthy“ (power-)relationships between cultures and nations - looked at from a feminist-postcolonial point of view? What do we learn from ecological hermeneutics?                                                         

How can a creative cooperation between „ordinary readers“ and „biblical scholars“ successfully explore biblical texts with regard to healing? What do we learn from intercultural experiences?

What kinds of commitments  in today’s reality of migration and cross-cultural society are inspired through biblical perspectives?

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The institute deals mainly with African (sub-Saharan Africa; Madagscar) and North-Atlantic (Europe, North America...) biblical approaches including feminist, postcolonial, and ecological aspects.