What means Postcolonialism as a Term?

R.S. Sugirtharajah, Professor of Biblical Hermeneutics at the University of Birmingham, writes:

"Postcolonialism, as a term, has both historical and theoretical nuances. In one sense, as an expression, it marks the formal decline of Western territorial empires. On the other, as a theory, it has several functions:

a) it examines and explains especially social, cultural, and political conditions such as nationality, ethnicity, race, and gender both before and after colonialism:

b) it interrogates the often one-sided history of nations, cultures, and peoples;

c) it engages in a critical revision of how the "other" is represented."
in: R.S. Sugitharajah, Exploring Postcolonial Biblical Criticism, (History, Method, Practice), Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester,  2012, p. 12.